“Leading Investors,” the 2022 3rd quarter newsletter

The year 2022 is three-quarters of the way through. Depending on your frame of mind, it’s either, “where did the time go?” or “it’s finally here.”  Just remember that time’s pendulum moves from one side to the other and it does feel that it’s swung over to the side of uncertainty and volatility. However, we know that pendulum moves in the other direction as well. Learn more in our newsletter. You’ll find Leading Investors by clicking here.

“Leading Investors,” the 2022 2nd quarter newsletter

Lloyds Trading Floor photographed on day of mass protest in London, 30 November 2011.

In these past 6-months, we have seen just about everything that has pushed portfolios and economic changes in all kinds of directions. Please consult your financial advisor or Client Services if you have any concerns or questions. Click here for our newsletter.

The Power of Outreach

We recently made a contribution to help Berkshire Bounty/Berkshire United Way to help in the distribution of much needed food throughout the area.

As mentioned to us by Jay Weintraub & Mark Lefenfield, c0-presidents of Berkshire Bounty, “approximately 14,000 pounds of nutritious organic food was distributed at sites throughout Berkshire County.” The Berkshire United Way among other non-profits worked cooperatively to make this food distribution a success!

“Leading Investors,” the 2022 1st Quarter Newsletter

We’ve made it through the first 3 months of 2022. We suspect the next quarter will have its fair share of uncertainties, some familiar, others altogether different yet likely related to each other. In spite of the flux, we anticipate opportunities in all sizes and shapes. For now, peruse our newsletter and gain a perspective from the portfolio managers who deal with the good, the bad, the ugly and all things hopeful.
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2021 4th Q Newsletter, “Leading Investors”

The mountain of information that has poured over us this past year is unlike any other. In spite of challenges and constraints, here we are. And we’re all primed for the new year, one we believe can be better in any number of ways. Our last newsletter of 2021 has something for everyone. For the 4th Quarter issue of Leading Investors, please click here.

Leading Investors: 2021 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Another 6-months to the calendar year. Where does the time go? With just 2 quarters left until the end of 2021, we’re all familiar with the challenges before us. You’ll find the 2nd Quarter newsletter, here.

2021 1st Quarter Capital Market Update [CMU]

The first 3 months of 2021 have come to pass and we’re still optimistic going forward yet cautious when looking for those opportunities that work in your best interests. For the latest Capital Market Update, please click here.