Author-entrepreneur Ms. Dorinda Medley

October Mountain Financial Advisors is happy to announce, once again, our involvement as the corporate sponsor for the popular, immersion event, Food for Thought held at Hancock Shaker Village.
Our most recent “reboot” featured Ms. Dorinda Medley, author-entrepreneur and former cast member [7th season] of the popular show, The Housewives of New York City on BravoTV. Her book, “Make it Nice” is part retrospective, part treatise on the ups, downs and everything else in between on work, relationships, family, growing up in the Berkshires and life.
The event features a farm-to-table dinner, wine and a copy of her book, “Make it Nice,” available for autograph.

Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Executive Director, Hancock Shaker Village, greeting attendees.
Gary Schiff, managing director, October Mountain Financial Advisors, converses with Ms. Medley.
Food for Thought attendees engaged in conversation with the author.
Attendees MJ Centeno [L] & Arlene Schiff catch up on life in spite of COVID-19.
Gary and Arlene Schiff with Ms. Medley prior to dinner.
Carlo Centeno, VP-Marketing Director, October Mountain Financial Advisors.